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Raw hair is human hair sourced from 1 single donor. The hair is cut from a ponytail and placed onto a weft. The hair is completely unprocessed, unaltered, and left with all cuticles aligned. It is washed with shampoo and conditioner, air-dried, and shipped for purchase. Raw hair comes in a variety of natural patterns, textures, and colors. Raw hair has a limited supply and may sell out fast due to its unique sourcing. 90% of Raw hair is made in India.

Virgin hair is advertised as human hair. The hair strands are collected from multiple people and areas, gathered, and placed on a weft. Due to this process, it is difficult to keep the cuticles aligned. Usually, Virgin hair is steamed processed to make sure all strands are the same pattern and textures so all bundles identical. Virgin hair is in high demand. At times synthetic fibers are added to the hair to help with supply. Virgin hair is always available and has an unlimited supply. 87% of Virgin hair is made in China.

Raw hair is completely natural and has the closest resemblance to living hair. Unlike Virgin hair, Raw hair will never matte because all cuticles are aligned. The more you wash and condition Raw hair, the better it will get. Washing Virgin Hair, may strip the chemicals off the hair and cause the strands to dry out and matte. Raw hair will last up to 5 times longer than Virgin hair because it is natural. Once styled, Raw hair will hold its shape a lot easier than Virgin hair. This is because Virgin Hair is processed to maintain its entended texture and pattern while Raw hair is not processed.

We source our hair from a small Indian Temple in India. We have established a strong relationship with our friends in India and can guarantee the integrity of our hair is not compromised. We take multiple trips to India, where we source the best of the best and learn more about the Indian Hair Export Industry. The hair is shipped to us in Los Angeles where we sort through the hair to ensure quality. Renny Raw strives to provide quality and values the trust given by our customers.

Does not last long
Multiple Orgins
May matte/tangle and dry out
Difficult to dye
Does not hold styles for long
Very difficult to find trustable companies

Requires more maintenance
Reacts to the environment so it may frizz

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